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The Sales Process

Below is a summary of the steps required to purchase a property:


1. You choose a property.

2. The purchase price is approved with the owner.

3. A private contract is signed for a period of 3 months +/-

4. The deposit is paid 10% of the purchase price (to secure property).

5. Obtain a foreigner's number from the local police.

6. Open a bank account and submit documents to the bank for obtaining a mortgage.

7. The bank makes the evaluation of the property, and gives its answer in 1 - 1.5 months.

8. Notarial contracts are prepared and the date of signing is appointed, where you and the bank must pay the rest of the money to the Seller.

9. Also under the Spanish law the Buyer pays taxes, notary and registration expenses. The Seller pays the commission to the agency, and one municipality tax.

10. After signing the notarial contract you are a new homeowner, within 1 month you need to renew all contracts in your name (light, water, rubbish, etc.)

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