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Annual and Monthly Expenses

Please find below a list of typical ongoing costs you can expect to pay once you become a homeowner:

1. Community charges (monthly) can range from 30 - 300 euros (depending on the resort and is for the upkeep of the building, swimming pool, garage, lifts etc.)

2. Water and electricity (once every 2 months) depending on usage

3. Internet (37-45 euros) per month - optional.

4. Rubbish collection is paid 2 times a year (in November and in June) 60 euro each time

5. IBI (real property tax) paid once a year in June – depending on property size

6. Home insurance once a year +/- 250 euros

7. In case of non-resident – Non resident imputed income tax declarations must be made each year by all non-resident property owners. The percentages and calculations have changed significantly in respect of declarations being made in 2017 for the fiscal year of 2016. Please note that imputed income tax is not payable on land that has no building on it.

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