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Property Development Group «Amulet» S.L. is a Spanish real estate company engaged in the sale, rental and maintenance of real estate in Tenerife. We are experts at PDG «Amulet» S.L and offer a wide range of residential and commercial properties for rent or purchase. After showing you a range of suitable properties and you find the property you are interested in, employees of PDG «Amulet» S.L conduct a comprehensive review of the documents confirming the right of ownership and use of the premises (including the history and rights of third parties) for your chosen property for purchase. 


In addition to the above, we assist with the following:

  • Prepare a contract of sale
  • Assist with state registration
  • Advise on taxation and insurance
  • Help secure a loan from the Bank of Spain
  • Prepare and carry out repairs or alterations to your property
  • Take control of the delivery of your property for rent


PDG «Amulet» S.L. guarantees to its clients the best conditions of the transaction, including not only obtaining the optimal value of the sale, but also the most favorable contract as a whole, including a set of additional services included in the price.

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